Over 25,000 SSS Clutches have been supplied for auxiliary drives both for turning devices and for starting drives for Gas Turbines. Clutches have been supplied for machines ranging from 100 kW gas turbines to steam turbo-generators transmitting over 1,500 MW. 

A large SSS Turning Gear Clutch (pinion type) incorporated in a package with a 140MW SSS Clutch in a Gas Turbine generator set.

Various driving machines can be used, including electric, hydraulic and pneumatic motors. SSS Clutches can be supplied for fitting within a gearbox or for external mounting in their own casing. Additionally, Clutch designs are available which act as spacer type flexible couplings to accommodate radial misalignment or axial movement of the machinery shafts.

The Clutches are extremely reliable and can exceed the lifetime of the machinery train.