Pinion Clutch

The SSS Pinion Clutch is a mechanical turning gear, designed to meet the requirements of machinery where a shaft-end is not available and, therefore, an in-line turning gear drive and SSS Turning Gear Clutch cannot be fitted.

The SSS Pinion Clutch uses the well proven principles of the standard SSS Gears Clutch design:

  • The SSS Pinion Clutch engages axially on helical splines.
  • The SSS Pinion Clutch disengages automatically due to reverse torque alone.
  • The SSS Pinion Clutch has a mechanical phasing mechanism to ensure that gear teeth are in alignment before engaging.
  • The SSS Pinion Clutch is easy to install and maintain
  • The SSS Pinion Clutch is fail safe - in the event of a failure the main wheel will not be damaged.

An SSS Control unit can be supplied to allow the Pinion Clutches to engagements during the rundown of the turbine alternatively the turnbine can be allowed to come to rest before enageing the Pinion Clutch and re-accelerating the shaft to turning gear speed.